Human Design is absolutely amazing for helping you to understand your children.
It allows you to support them to become their authentic selves.
It shows you how your child is designed, explaining their behavioural traits, their strengths, gifts and sensitivities.
When you understand their type and strategy (which, may or may not be same as yours) you are able support them in understanding themselves and in making correct decisions.

Human Design empowers you to support your child as they develop, by understanding who they really are and what they came here for. It makes their journey into adulthood and beyond so much easier for each of you. This gift of information is life altering for your and especially for your child.

We allow 90 minutes to discuss birth charts with 2 people and 120 minutes to discuss birth charts for 3 - 4 people

If there are more than 5 people (parents and kids) that you would like to consider in a session, shoot me an email me to discuss -  

You will be asked for the birth information relevant to the parents and children applicable - date, time and place, at the time of booking.

You will receive a video and an audio recording of your session.

Please feel free to email at if you have any questions or have extra family members.

Did you know that Human Design can help you to be a better parent?

Did you know that understanding your child’s Human Design makes their life and yours so much easier no matter what age they are.

It’s my dream that one day parents of new born babies are handed a copy of their child’s Human Design chart at the birth. nd a detailed reading is scheduled during that first few months, so that parents understand just who it is that has entered their world.

When you are conscious of how your child’s energy works and interacts with yours and other family members it explains so much.

When you know where their strengths and wisdoms lie as well as their potential vulnerabilities, you become so much more empowered as a parent.

When you know who your child really is at a soul level; when YOU can recognise the details of the life they signed up for when they chose you to be their guardian for the first part of their life here on Earth, you become empowered to help them to become the best adult they are capable of being.

I’ve had many clients say to me that understanding their child’s Human Design has completely changed their parent/child relationship all for the better.

It’s removed the judgement, the guilt and the uncertainty that often goes with the responsibility of parenting. It’s allowed them to understand what is going on for their kids and for the parents too, and how each of their energies interplay.

Understanding your child's design makes it much easier for you to support them with school and their education. When you have a better understanding of how they learn, how much energy they have and how to manage that energy, when you know how their emotions work (especially with yours!) and how to work with these emotions, you start to understand who they are born to be.

I'd love to show you who your kids are.

It would be my privilege.

Every Human Design reading I do is recorded on audio and video for you to keep forever including of course, the Parent and Child sessions.

This means you have a 'document' that is always informative & relevant, not to mention also an wonderful snapshot of the moment you have the reading.

Each time you hear the session, years even, into the future, you get something new from it; an ah ha or a new connection, making it an incredibly useful parenting tool no matter where on the journey you are.