A heads up on what the year ahead has in store for you.

Each year, around your birthday, as the Sun returns to the position in the cosmos that it was at the time of your birth, you have the opportunity to see what themes and energies are coming your way for
the following 12 months.

This opportunity comes in the form of a Solar Return Reading.

While your Human Design chart never changes, your
Solar Return chart changes every year.

Your Human Design Solar Return reading contains information about the themes you are likely to be living in and the energies that other people and situations will bring to you in the next year.

The Solar Return Reading is a wonderful tool to support you in your evolution and expansion - it's a catalyst for your growth.

About the session

In this 90 minute session, we'll look at the energy you can expect to encounter in the year ahead.

You'll discover 

  • The themes you'll be participating in
  • The motivators, inspirations and topics that will be coming at you through those you meet
  • The nature of the energies others will bring to you

The ideal time to have your Solar Return Reading is  3 months prior to your birthday as some of the energies begin to present around then, but any time leading up to your birthday and shortly after is just fine.  
(Because the Solar Return Reading looks specifically at the 12 months after your birthday, in order to get the most from your reading, don't leave it too long after your birthday.)

The session is conducted on zoom and recorded for you to download and keep.


As this is one of the more complex Human Design Readings, a good understanding of your Human Design is required before proceeding. (We don't want to spend your Solar Return Reading session time learning about what your own Human Design means for you)