Journey Through the

Human Design Energy Centres

11 classes in 19 weeks

The Energy Centre Odyssey

learn about the Energy Centres

learn how to heal them

your life will be forever changed

During this 4 + month program you'll learn how each of the Energy Centres activate & perform.

You'll learn the energies they each represent. 


One by one, you'll work with the frequencies, scope and influence of each of the Centres.

With the tools to balance and heal - guiding yourself to true harmony.

Now and in the future.


This program is more than just learning about the Energy Centres and the gates that come off them – although you will do that.

It’s about transforming your energy by clearing, balancing and strengthening your incredible energetic field. 

This program is for you if:

you want to deeply understand the Human Design Energy Centres
you want to change your current life circumstances for the better
you want to let go of old stories that are keeping you stuck in the past
you are prepared to put in the work knowing it might get a bit mucky at times
you are not afraid to deal with the good, the bad and the ugly that might rise to your surface while on this journey
you are ready to let go of conditioning bestowed upon you by your environment
you’re ready to leave behind the mundane, vanilla, prosaic ways of doing life because that’s what’s expected
you are ready to remember and strengthen your natural gifts of wisdom, healing and intuition.
you are ready to begin to understand and embody the magnificence and power of the Human Energy field
you are ready to know and embrace your heart in a way you never have before.
you are ready to truly, madly, deeply love yourself so you can truly, madly and deeply love your life and the world you live in

The price of this comprehensive immersive program is AUD$599

including bonus 90 minute recorded class - Human Design Fundamentals

Register before August 1st

The Energy Centre Odyssey is

a deep holistic immersion into the Human Design Energy Centres.

Yes, you will learn all about them.

You will learn what it means to have them Defined or Undefined in your Human Design Chart. And what the gates that come off each of them mean. We will by the end of the journey, have learnt about the energies of all 64 Human Design gates.

But we will go so much deeper.

Alchemising our energies. Raising our frequencies.

Gaining mastery of the Energy Centres from a holistic perspective - through mind, body, spirit and real life.

Practical, Beautiful, Transforming

Class 1 will be an introduction to the Odyssey. From then, each class will be fortnightly and will focus on a Centre - starting at the Root and working our way up through all 9 Centres until we reach the Head. We have 2 weeks to work with each Centre - allowing healing and balancing to take place before moving on to the next..

This is a deep process. As well as trauma and damage from your time here, you will be healing and undoing thousands of years and hundreds of layers of trauma passed down through generations of your ancestry.

No doubt, this work will bring "stuff" up. It has too! An Odyssey is surely not a real Odyssey without a few (totally surmountable) bumps along the way. And healing cannot happen without the cleansing and releasing. Everyone will experience this differently of course and it will depend on where you are with your own healing when you begin this journey

We will learn what each Centre needs to keep it balanced and healthy. What does it thrive on? What does it love. What do YOU love?

The program will be intellectually stimulating. If learning about Human Design is your thing, you'll find plenty here. If learning about how your bodies' energy anatomy functions and what to do to make it thrive and flourish is what you want to know more about, you're in the right place.

But it will also be experiential as we work on our own energy as we go through the program. You will learn to feel what each of the energy centres feels like in your body, what they respond to and what they are asking you for. You'll witness them as they burst forth, blossom and bear fruit when they are nurtured, respected and loved.

Ultimately, The Energy Centre Odyssey is a journey of Self Love to Heart Centredness.

It's a journey of love.

There will be homework and a degree of self responsibility. As with most things in life, the more of yourself you put in, the more you get out.

At the very least, you will be asked to take about 25 minutes a day to get quiet and do a guided meditation (provided as part of the program)

And we will support each other. Group work is powerful work. There will be a dedicated Facebook Group (still the easiest option for most people I'm afraid!) as well as a comments section in the membership area for those who prefer not to play on Facebook.

Class Schedule

Please note, the changeover to and from daylight savings happens in many places around the world during this program. 

Please be mindful that the start time will always be 11.00am Melbourne Australia time and take this into consideration if planning

to attend the live calls. 

Use this app to determine what that might mean for you -

Our first class is Wednesday August 2nd 2023

(depending on your timezone) :

11.00am Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane (AEST)

9.00am Perth

3.00am Berlin

2.00am London


Tuesday August 1st 

9.00pm New York

6.00pm Los Angeles.

Each live class will be recorded

(You'll be provided with your zoom link prior to first class)

All recorded classes will be homed in your own membership area for you to watch and rewatch at your leisure.

All classes commence 11.00am AEST/AEDT

(1 week break between classes 1 and 2.

Then 2 week break between each class)

Class 1 - Introduction - August 2nd/1st

Class 2 - Root Centre - August 9th/8th

Class 3 - Sacral Centre - August 23rd/22nd

Class 4 - Emotional Solar Plexus Centre - 6th/5th September

Class 5 - Spleen Centre - 20th/19th September

Class 6 - Will Centre- 4th/3rd October

Class 7 - G Centre - 18th/17th October

Class 8 - Throat Centre - 1st/31st November/October

Class 9 - Ajna Centre - 15th/14th November

Class 10 - Head Centre - 29th/28th November

Class 11 - Wrap up - 13th/12th December

Contact if you have any not answered here questions.

Meet Ros

Ros Isbel is a Human Design Specialist and teacher who has been on her Human Design journey for more than 7 years. 

Ros is completely and absolutely passionate about Human Design.

To her, Human Design is more than just a system or a modality. 

It's a lifestyle.

She has the rare and special ability to break this complex information down into relatable, applicable and transformational information for everyone.

Ros works with people from all over the world offering teaching, readings and in-depth coaching.

She has a soul resonance that allows her to connect deeply with people, bringing their charts to life and offering them the gift and power of knowing their own Human Design.

Join Ros and other students on this immersive experience journeying through the Human Design Centres

The Energy Centre Odyssey is a new program - check out what people say about other programs by Ros

Ros is a profound and wise teacher. She’s a rare jewel, humble and committed to connecting with you rather than imposing. She is one of a kind, powerful, direct, intuitive and insightful and uses her creativity and ingenuity to help you find your own unique path. The magic zone can only be described as a gift of universal love for all that is and letting go of all that cannot be understood or controlled. The powerful energy of this course allows you to step further into compassion and further away from worry,

releasing anxiety to a higher power, acknowledging the beauty in all living things and trusting source energy to open doors for you in the way to your souls greatest purpose. Don’t wait a minute more immerse yourself in this beautiful gift blessed by a forward-thinking healer and mentor whose life’s

purpose is to help you live a more balanced and happy life in the present, right now. Ros you introduced me to the possibilities and magic of Human Design and its connection to the divine and all that is.

Thank you 


I signed up for The Magic Zone not knowing quite what to expect.  Well, I finished the course and

was completely blown away by Ros and her teachings.  I learned so much around what my journey is

in life and what I am meant to be doing. I have since added a lot more joy into my life and I have started a business that is fun and makes me happy. 

I am working on a second business as well which is in it’s infancy but I am waiting for the right way to do this to come into my external reality. 

Yes Ros I have learned to live according to my strategy and authority.

Gillian Binet

I love Human Design, and learning with Ros puts an intuitive spin on it that feeds my soul, so naturally, I was drawn to the Magic Zone from the moment she announced it. Although I have had my chart done, and taken classes on Human Design, I learned new and fresh aspects of my chart in the Magic Zone. There were also life and energetic tips offered beyond Human Design which I really appreciated the check in for myself!  I am so delighted to see that she is offering it again; I will be there!.

Gina Nicole

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the live calls. Will there be a replay?

Yes, there will be a replay available within 24 hours of the live call.

I understand that it might not be possible to attend all or any of the live classes. You may be in time zones that make it impossible to attend live.

The replay will be homed in your membership area for you to access at any time.

If you can't make the live you can ask me questions that arise from watching class replays inside the group or comments area. Depending on the question, they'll be addressed in the group or comments or in the next class.

How do we meet for the live class?

We meet on Zoom. You will be provided with the zoom link prior to the first class.

I've been studying Human Design for a while now, is this class suitable for me?

The Energy Centre Odyssey is suitable for anyone who has at least a basic HD knowledge.  The content of this program is different from anything else available.  The aim of the program is to learn about the Human Design Energy Centres at a very deep level while at the same time, healing and balancing your auric/energy field. As with all of my programs, we look at Human Design from a holistic perspective overlaying the traditional principles of human design with our physical, Emotional, mental, spiritual and real lives.

I'm a Human Design Newbie. Is this program suitable for me?

It is totally possible to get a huge benefit from this program with knowing little about Human Design. However give yourself a leg up by taking the time to watch and learn from the 90 minute bonus video "Human Design Fundamentals".

*Warning* Human Design can be quite addictive once you've got the basics down!!

You say there is homework. How much?

That is really up to you and how much you want to get from this program. It is designed to be fully immersive. You will receive information and tools that will allow you to really "throw" yourself into the work ( in a fun way of course) for each two week period as we work through each Centre. However at the least, if you are able to commit to at least 25 minutes a day to do a clearing process (which is in essence, a meditation), you will reap massive benefits.

It is advisable that you watch each class video at least twice during the 2 week period - once at the beginning and a week later. Allowing yourself some time for journaling or contemplation each week will also be most beneficial.

Will there be a community space to share experiences?

There will be a facebook group for you to join. While I am well aware that facebook is not the ideal place for some of us, it is still unfortunantly, the best place for groups in terms of easy access. This space will be moderated and safe. You will also be able to converse in the comment section of each class module. There is no obligation to take part in conversation (just in case some of you line 2's were getting worried!)

How long is each class?

Each class will be approximately 90 minutes. (those who've done classes with me before - shhhhhhh)

Do you have any program policies?

See below for the program policies.

Program Policies

All of my programs and readings are non-refundable.

If you’re unsure whether this program or working with me in anyway is right for you, please take some time to get familiar with my work so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to make a purchase.

My website has lots of free resources and information so spend some time looking around to see if my work and style feels right for you. My Youtube channel is loaded with videos that will give you an idea of how I communicate and teach.

Know that if you take on this program, there is work involved if you want to make the most of it. If you are unable to commit to the work during the program, you can catch up on your own at a later date. It will all be there for you - It's up to you.

If you are familiar with your Human Design Strategy, use that to make your decision. (Projectors, you are genuinely and graciously invited in to my world - I consider it a great privilege to work with your beautiful energy and to support you in being the amazing guides to the collective that you are here to be)

If you are still struggling, ask your heart if this work is for you. Feel with your very being what it says to you. Then take action based on that answer.

If you have a specific question, please contact me -