The Earth is changing.  

What it means to be Human is changing.


You know you are here to help facilitate this change.

It is not for nothing that you are here on Earth...right now.

You are here to help create the change needed to make this world the magnificent place it is destined to be.

You have gifts to share. You have knowledge.  You have experience

You know life is about to become immeasurably better for those who want it to be.

And not only do you want to help with this transition...

It's your destiny too.

But how?

We are each born with talents and strengths that feel wonderful and come naturally to us.  
But for so many of us, years of conditioning and programming have meant that our innate gifts have been forced into the background or perhaps even forgotten completely.

The Magic Zone is a 5 week program created to bring light to the skills and talents inherent in your Human Design.  

Those wonderful parts of us that are so natural we don't even think about them.

The Magic Zone program is dedicated to allowing you see those gifts that are a part of you and to inspiring the confidence in you to use them to their fullest potential for you and for those you want to serve.

Using your experience, your life purpose & your Human Design

To bring you into The Magic Zone

Perhaps you've spent much of your life in the work-force.
You know you have so much more to offer.
You're worried that your qualifications and experience will go to waste if you don't keep doing exactly what you've been educated and trained to do.

Maybe your life has been devoted to nurturing others.
You have so much know-how and understanding to share

Perhaps you're already serving others and would like to fine-tune your skills in accordance with your own personal blue-print.

Whatever the case for you, we are fast arriving at a watershed moment.  The one we have been yearning for, but never dared dream would be here in our life-time.   The one where we bare witness to the crumbling of the old ways, the old constructs, the old rules; and we weave a new story for Humanity.

Will you be ready to take on your role?  Do you know what you want to do?  (because it will be all about what you want to do).  

Will your incredible talents, skills, experience and wisdom be available to those that need them in a way that feels graceful and perfect for you?

Come on a journey with me.  
Come and discover your Magic Zone...

No matter where you are now, your experience has prepared the way for you to do your magic

The Magic Zone Program will shine a light on those parts of you that act like a beautiful filter for all of that wisdom contained within you.

It will help you to recognise how you are designed to impact the world.  How you are designed to share your specific gifts and wisdoms.

Do any of the following describe you?

  • your are a healer or know you are here to heal
  • you have long standing or newly recognised spiritual gifts 
  • you are a teacher or leader of any kind
  • you are an artist, a musician, a writer - a creator of any kind and want to share your gifts
  • you know part of your purpose is to be of service to others
  • you have an innate desire to help dismantle the old ways of doing life
  • you have a deep knowing that you are here to impact New Earth
  • you want to make use of your gifts, knowledge and experience in the way you are most perfectly designed to do

Then The Magic Zone is for you

During our 5 weeks together we'll be covering

  • Conditioning (and deconditioning)
  • Authenticity
  • Intuition
  • Imagination & Creativity
  • Communication, Connection & Transmission
  • Health & Well-being
  • Clearing Trauma
  • Life Phases and how they affect our process
  • Embodiment
  • Self-Love
  • Sovereignty

    And how they interplay with your Human Design.

Bonus Human Design Class!

Human Design Fundamentals

As part of your enrolment in The Magic Zone, you will receive a 90 minute bonus class - Human Design Fundamentals.

This pre-recorded introductory HD class will help you to understand the basics of Human Design and some of the concepts discussed in the program. 

Even if you already have some understanding of HD, you're sure to get further integration of your knowledge from this class.

The bonus class is available to you as soon as I am able to get your log in details to you after registering (usually within a few hours but up to 24) 

Using Human Design as our guiding light, this program allows you to recognise how you are designed to impact the world - how you are designed to share your specific gifts and wisdoms.

When you realise how truly incredibly and beautifully you are designed, you clearly see those gifts that are a part of you giving you the confidence to go forth fearlessly and use them to their fullest potential for you and for those you want to serve.

I love Human Design, and learning with Ros puts an intuitive spin on it that feeds my soul, so naturally, I was drawn to the Magic Zone from the moment she announced it. Although I have had my chart done, and taken classes on Human Design, I learned new and fresh aspects of my chart in the Magic Zone. There were also life and energetic tips offered beyond Human Design which I really appreciated the check in for my self! I am so delighted to see that she is offering it again; I will be there!

Gina Nicole
IG: @gina_nicole_b

“I signed up for The Magic Zone not knowing quite what to expect.  Well, I finished the course and was completely blown away by Ros and her teachings.  I learned so much around what my journey is in life and what I am meant to be doing.  I have since added a lot more joy into my life and I have started a business that is fun and makes me happy.  I am working on a second business as well which is in it’s infancy but I am waiting for the right way to do this to come into my external reality.  Yes Ros I have learned to live according to my strategy and authority."

Gillian Binet

Ros exudes warmth and nurturing with a real passion for teaching and love of Human Design. It was such an enriching experience with easy access to review all of the material covered, much appreciated. 

Ros is a profound and wise teacher. She’s a rare jewel, humble and committed to connecting with you rather than imposing. She is one of a kind, powerful, direct, intuitive and insightful and uses her creativity and ingenuity to help you find your own unique path.

The magic zone can only be described as a gift of universal love for all that is and letting go of all that cannot be understood or controled. The powerful energy of this course allows you to step further into compassion and further away from worry, releasing anxiety to a higher power, acknowledging the beauty in all living things and trusting source energy to open doors for you in the way to your souls greatest purpose.

Don’t wait a minute more immerse yourself in this beautiful gift blessed by a forward-thinking healer and mentor whose life’s purpose is to help you live a more balanced and happy life in the present, right now.

Ros you introduced me to the possibilities and magic of Human Design and its connection to the divine and all that is. Thank you


Your Teacher... 

Hi, I'm Ros Isbel and I'm a Human Design Specialist, teacher and channel who is completely and absolutely passionate about Human Design.

During the last 5+ years, I've had the pleasure of working with 1000's of women, lifting the veil  and helping them to see their own incredible gifts through discovering their Human Design.

And lately I've been blown away by the impact of several women who are making a huge impact on the Earth at this time of massive change.

These women have been able to use their years of experience in their chosen fields as well as the wisdom that comes only with life experience all topped off with grace, compassion and understanding.

These women are operating in The Magic Zone.

The world desperately needs more of us in The Magic Zone right now.

Let's go there!

Our 5 weeks of live classes will be held each Tuesday 
(Australian time)

Tuesday May 24th 2022 - 10.30am 
Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane, 8.30am Perth
Monday May 23rd 8.30pm 
New York

5.30pm Los Angeles.
Tuesday May 24th - 1.30am 
London, 2.30am Berlin

Each class is 90 minutes

All classes will be conducted live on zoom
(You'll be provided with your zoom link prior to first class)

All classes will be recorded and available for you to watch and rewatch at your leisure.

Please contact 
if you have any further questions.


Do I have to be a particular age to take part in The Magic Zone?


I can't make the live calls. Will there be a replay?

Absolutely.  While it would be wonderful to have you at each live call, each call will be recorded and the recording will be uploaded to the course program site along with other resources for you to view as often as you like

How do we meet?

We meet on zoom each week.  You will be provided with the link to join prior to our first class.  

I've been studying Human Design for a while now. Is the program still suitable for me?

IN THE MAGIC ZONE is suitable for anyone, no matter what their HD knowledge is.  To the best of my knowledge, the content of this program is unique and different from anything else currently available.  The aim of the program is look at Human Design from a holistic perspective overlaying the traditional principles of human design with our physical, Emotional, mental, spiritual and real lives.  
while using the principles of Human Design as a springboard, the program encompasses much more - synthesising Human Design with real life and our growing understanding of where our earth is headed.

I know nothing at all about Human Design. Will I be able to keep up?

Yes absolutely.  the bonus class - human Design fundamentals will bring you up to speed with hd basics.  

Will there be another round of this program?

Perhaps.  But definitely not at this price. 

If I come to the call live do I have to show my face?

No of course not.  But I'd love it if you did.  No pressure at all though.  This is a place for you to feel completely safe

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