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Heart Led Human Design

Leadership for our new world

You can feel it. 

Our planet is going through a major shift right now

and we are going with her. 

The way we’ve done life in the past won’t be recognised in

the very near future.


And really, that future is here already if you look for it.

Heart Led Human Design

Across 3 overflowing weeks, the Heart Led Human Design program inspires you to recognise and uncover deep knowledge empowering you to lead yourself and others from the heart.

Heart Led Human Design is a 3 week course for heart centred women.

Whether you're a leader, a healer, an entrepreneur or business owner or you simply want to calibrate your own heart led compass, this program is for you.

Each week, using Human Design as a guide for much of our inspiration, you'll be introduced to leading edge concepts encompassing spirit, mind & body. You'll receive practical exercises to inform and enlighten you. You'll remember your own natural leadership talents and abilities that allow you to naturally lead in the new way - for now and for our beautiful future.

This program acts as a catalyst, allowing you to recalibrate your heart with your whole being so you can easily contribute in a purposeful, relevant and consequential way to the evolution of Humanity.

heart led human design

Heart Led Human Design is here to assist you in leading, supporting & facilitating the transition into our new world

During our 3 classes you will discover

How to use your heart as your inner compass to guide you alongside your Human Design Strategy

What it is that resides in your heart to assist you in ways you may not have dreamed possible

How to determine your best way to help humanity (and you!) thrive.

How you can use your Human Design to discover your natural gifts, talents, aptitudes and wisdoms (and some new Human Design information not widely recognised yet)

Just how naturally intuitive you are

How the Human Design teaching that shows that you have the answers inside of you already is truer and easier to access than ever.

How to rise above the rubble and fear so you influence those around you to naturally do the same.

That you are designed to lead in a way that feels wonderful to you and to those you lead. A way that may not even feel like you're leading at all.

How all leaders of the future will be leading from their hearts.

An Invitation

If you know massive positive change is on our doorstep

If you're ready to lead Humanity into a new paradigm

If you're eager to leave F.E.A.R behind and move into a Heart Led world right now

Join me for Heart Led Human Design

Leadership will look very different in the future.

What we have been conditioned to believe is appropriate leadership will no longer fly.

Leadership will be Heart Based; Heart Led.

The interesting thing is that many of us already have these 'new leadership' skills as part of our natural talents and integrity - but we have not been allowed to use them to their fullest.

Most often, those who have been "in charge" have been required to behave in a particular way in order to maintain their roles. A way that may or may not have felt good to you.

Either way, things are going to change and your time is coming. In fact it's here now.

Heart Led Human Design is about opening you up to that new way of being that is so very needed right now and in the future.

Heart Led Human Design is about connecting with your heart and using it as your inner compass alongside your Human Design strategy.

It's about showing you how you are perfectly designed to step up and lead humanity into this new world - loudly or quietly.

It's up to you.

Are you ready to lead from your Heart?

Heart Led Human Design

About Ros

Ros Isbel is a Human Design Specialist and teacher who has been on her Human Design journey for more than 8 years. 

She brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Human Design table coupled with the reality that she is completely and absolutely passionate about it.

To her, Human Design is more than just a system or a modality. 

It's a lifestyle.

Ros has the rare ability to break this complex information down into relatable, applicable and transformational information for everyone.

She works with people from all over the world offering teaching, readings and in-depth coaching.

She has a soul resonance that allows her to connect deeply with people, bringing their charts to life and offering them the gift and power of knowing their own Human Design.

See what others are saying about Ros's programs

Ros is a profound and wise teacher. She’s a rare jewel, humble and committed to connecting with you rather than imposing. She is one of a kind, powerful, direct, intuitive and insightful and uses her creativity and ingenuity to help you find your own unique path. The magic zone can only be described as a gift of universal love for all that is and letting go of all that cannot be understood or controlled. The powerful energy of this course allows you to step further into compassion and further away from worry,

releasing anxiety to a higher power, acknowledging the beauty in all living things and trusting source energy to open doors for you in the way to your souls greatest purpose. Don’t wait a minute more immerse yourself in this beautiful gift blessed by a forward-thinking healer and mentor whose life’s

purpose is to help you live a more balanced and happy life in the present, right now. Ros you introduced me to the possibilities and magic of Human Design and its connection to the divine and all that is.

Thank you 


I love Human Design, and learning with Ros puts an intuitive spin on it that feeds my soul, so naturally, I was drawn to the Magic Zone from the moment she announced it. Although I have had my chart done, and taken classes on Human Design, I learned new and fresh aspects of my chart in the Magic Zone. There were also life and energetic tips offered beyond Human Design which I really appreciated the check in for myself! I am so delighted to see that she is offering it again; I will be there!.

Gina Nicole -

I signed up for The Magic Zone not knowing quite what to expect.  Well, I finished the course and

was completely blown away by Ros and her teachings.  I learned so much around what my journey is

in life and what I am meant to be doing. I have since added a lot more joy into my life and I have started a business that is fun and makes me happy. 

I am working on a second business as well which is in it’s infancy but I am waiting for the right way to do this to come into my external reality. 

Yes Ros I have learned to live according to my strategy and authority.

Gillian Binet -

Our 3 weeks of live classes commence March 27th/26th 2024

Wednesday March 27th

11.00am Melbourne/Sydney/Brisbane (AEST)*

8.00am Perth*

1.00am Berlin*

12.00am London*


Tuesday March 26th 

8.00pm New York*

5.00pm Los Angeles*

Classes are scheduled to run for 3 consecutive weeks and for between 60 and 90 minutes each

Each live class will be recorded

(You'll be provided with your zoom link prior to first class)

All recorded classes will be homed together and made available for you to watch and rewatch at your leisure.

All classes commence 11.00am Melbourne Time

*Please note, the changeover to and from daylight savings happens in many places around the world during this program. 

Please be mindful that the start time will always be 11.00am Melbourne Australia time and take this into consideration if planning

to attend the live calls. 

Use this app to determine what that might mean for you -

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I can't make the live calls. Will there be a replay?

Yes, there will be a replay available within 24 hours of the live call.

I understand that it might not be possible to attend all or any of the live classes. You may be in time zones that make it impossible to attend live.

The replay will be homed in your membership area for you to access at any time.

If you can't make the live you can ask me questions that arise from watching class replays inside the group or comments area. Depending on the question, they'll be addressed in the group or comments or in the next class.

How do we meet for the live class?

We meet on Zoom. You will be provided with the zoom link prior to the first class.

I've been studying Human Design for a while now, is this class suitable for me?

Heart Led Human Design is suitable for anyone who has at least a basic HD knowledge. The content of this program is different from anything else available. As with all of my programs, we look at Human Design from a holistic perspective overlaying the traditional principles of human design with our physical, Emotional, mental, spiritual and real lives.

I'm a Human Design Newbie. Is this program suitable for me?

It is totally possible to get a huge benefit from this program with knowing little about Human Design. However give yourself a leg up by taking the time to watch and learn from the 90 minute bonus video "Human Design Fundamentals".

*Warning* Human Design can be quite addictive once you've got the basics down!!

Will there be a community space to share experiences?

There will be a facebook group for you to join. While I am well aware that facebook is not the ideal place for some of us, it is still unfortunately, the best place for groups in terms of easy access. This space will be moderated and safe. You will also be able to converse in the comment section of each class module. There is no obligation to take part in conversation (just in case some of you line 2's were getting worried!)

How long is each class?

Each class is scheduled to run between 60 and 90 minutes. Due to the nature of the material, it's difficult to be more time specific than that.. (those who've done classes with me before - shhhhhhh)

Do you have any program policies?

See below for the program policies.