Clarity    through Human Design

A 1 on 1 journey to a 

truly deep understanding of your

Human Design 

"Maybe the journey isn't so much about becoming anything. 

Maybe it's about unbecoming everything that isn't you

so you can be who you were meant to be in the first place."


Are you ready to come on a journey deep into your Human Design?

So deep that you'll be able to

  • See with total clarity, the absolute beauty and truth of who you are
  • Reclaim your power - whether you know you already have it or not
  • Know without doubt, why you decided to come here this time round and what your true life purpose is
  • Be crystal clear on where your absolute zones of genius lie
  • Understand what drives others in your world to be who they are
  • Help others with their Human Design including family, friends, clients and colleagues
  • Use Human Design to bring success to your business and work
  • Make an impact on this planet like you know you are meant to

Clarity Through Human Design is

7 x  one on one  sessions with Ros
over 14 weeks* 

60 minutes each

Clarity session 1

Our first session together is an introduction to Human Design as well as an intro to you and I.  Where we go will depend on your current level of knowledge.  We'll discuss what Human Design is, how it came about, the 5 types in Human Design and who they are and how they behave in your world.  We'll touch on your specific type but more on that next session.  We'll look at Your Life Purpose and Passion.  

Clarity session 2

This session is all about Your Type.  We'll go into the depths of it including the decision making Strategies for all types, and especially yours.  We'll also look at the different Authorities so you know how you and others are designed to come to correct decisions .  And we'll look at using your energies wisely 

Clarity session 3

In this session, we look in depth at those 9 energy centres in your chart.  We'll see how they work, what each of them do and are responsible for, and how you may have been conditioned by them.  We'll look at how to make the most of each one including tips and tools to protect your openness and how to use openness as a source of great wisdom.  We'll look at your defined energy centres and how each of them are expressing themselves for you.  During this session, you'll discover your own super powers, unique gifts and strengths.  

Clarity session 4

Now we get to the juicy stuff (actually it's all very juicy!).  This session is all about your Defined Gates and Channels and their planetary positions (more super power discovery in this session!).   We'll also look at the Personality Profiles and in particular, your Personality Profile

Clarity session 5

It's a big one this week - Business and Human Design.  Just how do each of the types best do business?   We'll look at all the types with a focus on YOU.  How do YOU best do business?  How you sell best, do social media best, write the best copy for you, do 1 on 1 work best, network best, do Marketing best?

Clarity session 6

How much easier would family life be if we truly knew each other at a Design level?  This session looks at family, relationships and how we interact.  There's so much magic here!   

It's not's just energy!  

There will be an opportunity to share charts.

Clarity session 7

Integration!  Our final session together will be an opportunity to address any areas that you want further clarification on.  We'll look at where your  energy is now after the 6 sessions.  It will be a time for review and questions and to be sure that you are ready to take on the world and reclaim you power using your own Human Design.

* The Program is designed to be taken over 14 weeks with one session every two weeks however it may take longer depending on your availability and mine. 

Human Design gives you permission to be you; bringing you into alignment with the real you.  

And when you're in alignment, the abundance flows


Ros has such passion, understanding and wisdom in her support and readings of the Human Design chart process. I feel like I now have this incredible tool and resource that has opened up my understanding and appreciation of how I relate to the world and to others. It has helped me connect to my children at a deeper level and support them with a solid understanding of how they are designed. 

Why did I create this program?

I created Clarity through Human Design because this is the program that I would have loved to do when I discovered Human Design.  But it wasn't available.

This powerful program is unlike any other.  It's an individualised 1 : 1 program that teaches about your own chart to a level of detail and authority that is not possible from a reading or in just a couple of sessions.  And at the same time,  you are taught about the magic of the chart in such a way that by the end of the program,  you'll be able to take another persons chart and make sense of it for them. 

So you really understand your own Human Design.  

So you can reclaim your power

So you know who you really are without the conditioning.  
So you can see with crystal clear clarity, the beauty and the work of art that is... you.

And you'll have a level of understanding of the Human Design body of work that enables you to teach others about their Human Design.  To have the ability to look at the chart of a loved one, or of a client and see exactly how you can help them in their lives is such a gift.  

To be able to use this amazing work every single day of my life is my privilege and I want it to be yours too.

Reconnect with your Clarity

Human Design shows you the beauty of who you really are and it allows you to fall in love with yourself.  Because once you find out who you really are, you won't be able to help yourself.

After hearing rave reviews about the personalised Human Design sessions Ros does, I thought I'd give it a crack. Well. It was like having a complete stranger describe me down to a tee - what drives me, why I do what I do, strengths I have and rabbit holes I often find myself in. She described my personality, habits and idiosyncrasies to me as if she'd known me her whole life - partly confronting (what is this sorcery?) but mostly eye-opening and confirming (ooooooer, THAT's why I do that), this session was personal development and understanding on a whole other level. Highly recommended to understand yourself better, and if you have a partner or children, helping you understand them and what makes them tick.



A few FAQ's:

Just what is this Human Design thing you speak of?

Human Design is an amazing life navigation tool based on the ancient sciences of Eastern and Western Astrology, The Hindu Chakra system, The Judaic Kabbalah and the Chinese I'Ching and the modern science of Quantum Science.  Using your birth details (birth date, time & place) it shows where you are wise, strong, sensitive, how you make the best decisions and so much more.  If you would like more information you'll find it here on my website.

Do I need prior knowledge of Human Design to take part in this program?

This course is individualised to the participants needs. You need no prior knowledge of Human Design to take part in this program.  I'll work with you from where you are with your knowledge.  

I am very familiar with the basics of Human Design.  Will this program be suitable for me?

This program is individualised to the participants needs.  If you have a good basic understanding of Human Design and are already using it in your life and business then this course will be suitable for you.  I'll work with you from where you are with your knowledge.  If you have any questions regarding this, email me at

Will you be teaching everything there is to know about Human Design in this program?

It takes hundreds of hours and years of integration to learn the entire Human Design system.  In fact, we never stop learning about it.  In our 7 x 60 minute sessions, we'll cover Type, Strategy, Authority, Profiles and Energy Centres in detail.  We'll look at your particular Gates and Channels in detail but we won't have time to cover all of the individual gates and channels. That's work for another program!

How do we meet?

We meet on  It's a conferencing app that is super easy to download and use on your laptop, tablet or phone.  You'll receive details on sign up.

Will there be a recording of each session?

Yes.  I record in video and audio and send you a link to download your own copies to keep forever.

Can I contact you to chat about this program before I commit?

Yes of course.  Email me on with any questions you have.  I will either answer by email or we can set up a time for a 15 minute chat on

* Payment Plan - First monthly installment will be deducted at time of booking and subsequent payments will be deducted on that date for the following 2 months until total payments have been made.  If any payment after initial installment is forfeited/declined, no further coaching will take place until scheduled payment/s have been made.