40 minute Recorded 
Human Design Reading 

 AU$100 (limited time offer)

This limited time only pre-recorded reading will provide top level information from your Human Design chart that will allow you to understand who you came here to be in this world and how you are designed to operate.  

Please read before purchacing...

Due to the nature of these readings, there is usually only a small reference to your Human Design type.
So as not to take up valuable time in the reading I will refer you to some resources for more information on your type when I send you the recording. 

When your payment is received, you will be sent an email asking for:
  - Your birth details (or the birth details of the person for whom the reading is for)*
  - An indication of your own Human Design knowledge and any other information you'd like me to have.  Please see note below on any questions you might have.

If you prefer, once you've made your payment, you can send the above information directly to ros@findyournaturalgroove.com using the subject  "Human Design Recorded Reading". I will reply with a quick confirmation.

If you wish, you may ask up to 2 specific questions to be addressed in the reading. 

Or you might prefer the reading to flow on it's own.

Once your birth information is received, you can expect to receive your recordings via an email containing downloadable links to both the video and audio recordings of your reading within 7 working days.
The readings will be done on a first come first served basis.

Important information 

*It’s important to be accurate with the birth information provided including time of birth in order for the Human Design Chart to be accurate. The information you get in your reading can only be as accurate as the birth information you supply.

One person/chart per recorded reading only.  

Please note, these readings are final.  Know that I put my heart and soul into them and channel information that is most pertinent to the chart I'm reading at that time for it's highest and best.  
No refunds will be issued

You will receive your recorded reading within 7 working days of receipt of your birth information provided there are no extended connection or internet outages/problems that prevent communication with you.  (Know that I will be making every effort to get your reading to you within the time frame.)

Frequently Asked Questions


How important is it to have accurate birth data like the time of my birth?

I want to understand my child better. Do you work with kids?

Do you Read Mens charts Too?