In this series of webinar style classes, we're going deep into topics that are front of mind for many of us right now using Human Design as our lens for learning and understanding.

Join me for inspiring conversations that will assist in levelling up your self knowledge as well as your understanding of those around you and perhaps even more importantly, in ending 2022 on a high...

Choose from the schedule below...

This class is available now as a recording.  When you purchase, you will be sent a link to the class.  Once payment is received, we will get the class link to you as soon as possible but please be aware that due to time zone differences this may take up to 8 hours depending on the time of day ordered.

Class #1:
Raising Your Frequency with Human design

AUD $22

At this critical time in Humanity's history, it's never been more important to be in charge of our own frequency - actively working to support and raise it.  In this webinar we talk about why frequency raising is such a hot topic at this moment in time.  We look at what we can do using our Human Design type and definition to raise our frequency and keep it high. This class is loaded with inspiring ideas for bringing you, those around you and as a consequence, the Global Collective into a raised frequency state.

Class Duration 120 minutes

On 8 December. 2022  10.30am AEDT
(recording will be made available for those unable to attend live)

Class #2:
Embrace Your Sensitive Ways with Human design

AUD $22

Do you consider yourself sensitive in any way? It's challenging enough to be sensitive at anytime but lately, even more so.  
And, more of us are becoming more aware of our sensitivities where we used not to be.
In this webinar, we'll discuss the many ways sensitivity shows up in the Human Design chart, what it means for you and how you can work with your sensitivities to ensure they are your unique super powers - empowering you and allowing you to empower others.

Class Duration 60 - 90 minutes

On 14 December. 2022  10.30am AEDT
(recording will be made available for those unable to attend live)

Class #3:
The Planets and Celestial Objects in your human Design

AUD $22

Ever wondered what the planets mean in your Human Design chart? Their influence on your individual Design Blueprint is enormous.
In this 90 minute webinar, we will discuss each of the Planets and Objects featured in the Chart (as well as Chiron) and what their messages and essences bring to your Design.  We'll also go through the return cycles of the major Planets (Saturn, Uranus (opposition), Neptune and Chiron) and how they affect us.

Class Duration 60 - 90 minutes

Purchase All 3 classes

AUD $55

Each live class is scheduled for 10.30am Australian Eastern Daylight time - time converter here and will be recorded if unable to attend live.
You will receive a link to Class #1 recording (see information in Class #1)

Each Class is expected to run between 60 - 90 minutes

Ros is based in Australia - Due to time zones, class dates may be the day before depending on your location 

Classes will be held on line via zoom for those attending live.

All Classes will be recorded and replay links provided after each event

Reminder emails including zoom links will be sent to all participants 24 hours prior to each event

No prior knowledge of Human Design necessary but do bring your chart with you

Suitable for all levels of Human Design knowledge

Your Teacher...

Ros Isbel is a Human Design Specialist, teacher and channel who is passionate about Human Design.
She has the rare and special ability to break this complex information down into relatable, applicable and transformational information for everyone.

Ros works with people from all over the world offering teaching, readings and in-depth coaching. 
She has a soul resonance that allows her to connect deeply with people, bringing their charts to life and offering them the gift and power of knowing their own Human Design.

She teaches and interprets the chart with the intention of giving a real understanding and acceptance of who you are and what you are here to do.

She also produces the Essential Oils by Design podcast in collaboration with Human Design specialist Nani Chesire, and together, they talk and teach about Human Design.

Email me at if you have any queries regarding the webinar series.

Human Design really can change your life. It will certainly change the way you see yourself.
For the better.