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Maria Doyle

When I hear about something three times in the space of a week, I take it as a sign I should look into it - and I'm glad I did in this case! I'm not your average woo-woo-feather-tribe-koombaya-singing-crystal-wielding-kinda-girl, but anything that will help me understand myself better intrigues me and after hearing rave reviews about the personalised Human Design sessions Roz does, I thought I'd give it a crack. Well. It was like having a complete stranger describe me down to a tee - what drives me, why I do what I do, strengths I have and rabbit holes I often find myself in. She described my personality, habits and idiosyncrasies to me as if she'd known me her whole life - partly confronting (what is this sorcery?) but mostly eye-opening and confirming (ooooooer, THAT's why I do that), this session was personal development and understanding on a whole other level. Highly recommended to understand yourself better, and if you have a partner or children, helping you understand them and what makes them tick. Life confirming kind of moment. Thanks Ros!

When I had my Human Design reading with Ros I was going through a real period of transition. The information from the reading really helped me navigate that process with a lot more ease by keeping me focused on the right things.

A Human Design reading with Ros provides incredibly detailed and specific insights into who we are and why we’re here.  She has an absolute wealth of knowledge and depth of understanding of this system.  I had a lot of questions throughout the reading, but Ros was able to answer them all, as well as providing plenty of practical context for how to apply the information in everyday life.

Finding out I am a manifesting generator has changed my life overnight!

I used to have a bunch of ideas in my head and then act on them all, immediately, never second guessing myself. What this meant was that I was living a very random life full of random experiences. Nothing was fitting together and a lot of the times, I would create my ideas and they would full flat once created. I wasted so much time using a strategy that wasn't meant for my unique human design.

Since I fully applied my manifesting generator strategy the doors have swung wide open in my life. It's weird! I've gone to bed fully satisfied each night since the meeting for the first time in a long time. It's like all of a sudden I'm swimming downstream.

Ros knew things about me that only those closest to me know. She described my life, and everything that she said was the truth. It was shocking how accurate human design is to fully understand who I am and what parts of myself I can strengthen and focus on and what parts of myself I need to shift. It was like looking into a mirror.

I highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to understand their lives unique imprint and leverage that imprint to its fullest so that life can be lived more fluidly.

Thank you Ros!!

Schedule a Human Design Reading with me.​​​​​

All you need to is your Date, Time and Place of Birth.  It’s important to be as accurate as possible in order for your Human Design Chart to show the correct information for you. The information you get in your reading is only as accurate as the birth information you give.

Don't know what time you were born?  No problem.  You can book a "Find Your Chart" session with me where we can rectify your birth time.  

(email me first at to find out if it's necessary - sometimes the info you have (eg, "I know it was between 3 & 4pm) may be enough to get an accurate chart. We just need to find out what the celestial movements were on that day!)

Book A Session

90 minutes.

Did you know that each of us are designed to do business in a particular way.

And if you are an entrepreneur, an online business owner....YOU ARE YOUR BUSINESS!

Human Design shows us that we are each one of 5 types – every single person on Planet Earth is one of these 5 types.

And we are all designed to work perfectly in alignment with whatever our type is.

But guess what! 
Society doesn’t know this and so most of us are really busy being who we are not; working in a way that we are NOT designed to.

I’m serious! Only one of those 5 types is designed to Just Do It! (Take that Mr Nike!). 
And that type only makes up 9% of the world population. The rest of us have other strategies to get things done.

Your Human Design chart shows you how you make the best decisions for you and of course, for your business. It shows you where you are strong, where you are wise, where you are sensitive. It shows you so much more.

Getting to know your own Human Design is a powerful way create major positive change in your business.

It is recommended that you have had a previous session or have a least a basic knowledge of your Human Design prior to booking this 90 minute session in order to get the most from it. However if you just want to dive deep into HD straight up, without any prior knowledge, that's ok too.  We can tailor a session to fit your needs. You will receive a recording of your session.

You will be asked for your birth information – date, time and place at the time of booking.​

And one last thing - are you looking for even more Human Design?  Are you wanting an immersive experience that will have you not only deeply understanding your Human Design but that of those around you too?  

Are you looking for another tool in your toolkit to use when working with clients and colleagues?

Check out my Clarity through Human Design 14 week Coaching program - details are here

Frequently Asked Questions


How important is it to have accurate birth data like the time of my birth?

I've heard of Human Design. It's super complex and I don't understand it! Why should I have a reading with you Ros?

I want to understand my child better. Do you work with kids?

Do you Read Mens charts Too?

I understand my type and strategy already but I have other questions. Are you able to tailor a session for me?