Are you unsure of your actual birth time?

The accuracy of the Human Design readings I give (and anyone gives for that matter), relies on the accuracy of your Birth Chart, other wise known as your Human Design BodyGraph. 

So it's very important to have accurate birth information.

Don't know your time of birth?  

That's ok.  We can work together to find your correct chart.

Just fill out the form and together we will use a process to determine your most correct chart.

Don't know your exact time of birth?  As long as you have your actual birthday date and place of birth, we can work together to find your actual Human Design Chart.

We meet on video link up ( for around 15 minutes (give or take 10 minutes - some are super quick, some take longer).

The fine print

I don't want to put you off but please read the not so fine print here before booking this session:

***Most important*** This process is only as good as the information you provide me with about your birthday and yourself.  There can be no guarantee that the correct chart will be determined from this process.  However, It's very important to me that we find the correct chart (to ensure an accurate reading) so I will make every effort within the confines of my work to establish that we have the correct one.  There will be no refunds if at a later date, a time of birth is found that alters the chart.

**Important** This process is not a service to provide you with a time of birth.  This is a process to provide you with an accurate Human Design Chart.  

*This process can be used by an Adult for their Child, however it is not advised to be used on children under the age of 4.  It is also important that you know the child well.  If you would like more information on this, please email me at

If you have any questions at all, please contact me at