a 7 week journey delving into You & Human Design

Registration has closed for the current intake of Holistic Human Design (but opening very soon - to commence late August 2021)

If you would like to be notified when the next program is announced, please email me.  ros@findyournaturalgroove.com

Are you curious about your future in this world that's changing so quickly around us?

Is it time to peel back the layers of ancestoral and societal conditioning and reveal the real you?

Are you ready to fall in love with yourself?

Then join me for Holistic Human Design
a 7 week live online program - commencing late August 2021

You might have a good amount of Human Design knowledge; you might have very little or none at all.  Or you might land somewhere in between.

You are ready though, to level up in your knowledge of yourself and those around you.

Holistic Human Design will teach you...

  • What Human Design is and how it brings alignment and flow into your life
  • How each of the 5 Human Design types are designed to operate so you can understand how you and others you know function and engage with life
  • The way your energy works depending on the definition and openess in your chart - your design blueprint
  • How you are designed to make decisions that are correct for you and your energy
  • To trust your own inate ability to create a life that's your perfect life
  • And so much more.

The incredible life navigation tool that is Human Design, shows you the truth of who you are - some of which you already know but haven't yet worked to take advantage of, and plenty that you may have suspected over the years.

Each week for 90 minutes during this 7 week journey, you'll gather new information allowing you to understand yourself and those around you in a way that you never have before.

In this program you'll learn about the basics of Design and then some.

All in a way that's easy to understand.

Human Design can be overwhelming when you first meet it.  
Ros has a knack for removing the complexities and breaking the information down into relatable, easy to understand but rich meaningful language.  
She's able to infuse it with the everyday...to demystify it.  

No one should miss out on the incredible infomation this system has to offer because they don't have the time or the design to decipher it.

Take this program to 

  • accelerate your spiritual evolution
  • remind yourself of where you came from
  • allow yourself a beautiful space for self-nurturing
  • and to recieve the gift that is Human Design.

During our 7 weeks together you'll also learn

  • how to recognise and avoid burnout
  • ways to raise your vibration
  • about sensitivity & emotions and how they play into our individual designs and those of others
  • to recognise and appreciate your loved ones and others in your life by understanding who they were born to be
  • how our energies intermingle with each other
  • spiritual practices to help balance and align

    And plenty more.

Your Teacher 

Ros Isbel is a Human Design Specialist, teacher and channel who is completely and absolutely passionate about Human Design.
She has the rare and special ability to break this complex information down into relatable, applicable and transformational information for everyone.

Ros works with people from all over the world offering teaching, readings and in-depth coaching. 
She has a soul resonance that allows her to connect deeply with people, bringing their charts to life and offering them the gift and power of knowing their own Human Design. She interprets their chart with the intention of giving them a real understanding and acceptance of who they are and what they are here to do.

She also produces the Essential Oils by Design podcast in collaboration with Human Design specialist Nani Chesire, and together, they talk and teach about Human Design, 

Join her and other students on this immersive experience to finding YOUR natural groove.

Human Design gives you permission to be you; bringing you into alignment with the real you.
And when you are in alignment, your life flows with abundance.

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