Based on your Birth date, time and place*, Human Design is an amazing tool for personal growth and development, showing you where your natural innate strengths lie, where you are wise and what you are here to do with your life.

Each body graph is unique to the individual. Your body graph will look like no other. 

Your Human Design Body Graph shows how you best leverage energy and avoid burnout (and this knowledge will assist with recovery from burnout!)

As a decision making tool, it provides a reliable and accurate strategy for you on how to resolve the questions you have and decisions you need to make.

Human Design allows you to trust your intuition by showing how you are intuitive.  And, it shows you how you are empathic.

It shows you how you best  relate ​to others and gives you the opportunity to understand your loved ones so much better by understanding how they are designed to operate. It shows you how and why you may have had relationship problems in the past and how you can address them.  

The information that Human Design ​can give you is game changing ... life changing.

It's like having an owners manual .... for you!

Imagine finally understanding your magnificence of the real you!​


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Hi There!  I'm Ros Isbel

and to the right, is my Human Design Chart - My 'Body Graph'. Before discovering Human Design, I had no idea that anything existed that could give such certainty about my life and what I was here to do.

This chart describes the real me with uncanny accuracy and it has woken up parts of me that have been asleep for years.  As a result, it's given me the confidence to do things with my life that had only been dreams in the past - I didn't realise until I understood my design, that what I dreamed of doing was actually what I was meant to do all this time. 

Ros Human Design Bodygraph

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Please note, Human Design Body Graphs are hand raised to ensure acuracy, so can take some time to prepare depending on demand.  We will get your Body Graph to you as quickly as possible.

*It is important that birth time is accurate.  If you are not sure of your time of birth, please email me at​