Self care is not self indulgent.  

It's essential!

Life Can seem like A Big Ask!

So much to achieve in so little time

So many people & things wanting a piece of you.  Needing a piece of you!

So little time  

No time for you

.........And then your being told.......

"Don't forget the self care!",  

"Make sure to carve some you time!",             

"Don't forget to fit your oxygen mask first!"

Yeah right!

You get even more stressed just thinking about how you might make that happen.

What if............

You could have your self care delivered direct to you without having to go anywhere, be anywhere, do anything?

What if receiving the most beautiful self care just involved YOU saying YES and then letting it happen.  All you need do is notice the changes it makes in your life.

Book a distance Reiki Session with me and you'll experience first hand, the changes it can make in your life

"Ros is amazing! I had no idea of what reiki was before and so had no expectations. From the first session, she blew my mind with how insightful she was and her recommendations to me. Over the three sessions that I had, I felt tremendous shifts in my mindset as well as my physical body. I walked away from each session having amazing clarity and focus. I also believe the reiki helped me to avoid a flu that was being passed around as well as dodge conjunctivitis that both my son and husband had. I would highly recommend Ros to anyone seeking a reiki practitioner. Ros is a professional, intuitive and beautiful hearted lady - I feel so blessed to have met her.

Michelle Jack 
Michelle Jack Coaching

Can you relate to any of these?

  • ​You're running on empty
  • There's never enough time
  • Fatigue is something you just live with
  • You're struggling to make money  
  • You're feel you're not being heard
  • You're perpetually drained of energy
  • You find it hard to get to and or stay asleep
  • You feel out of your comfort zone
  • Overwhelm is a place you go to often
  • You struggle with immunity - feel rundown
  • There's never enough time
  • You can't remember the last time you really relaxed
  • Stress & anxiety are just part of your natural state
  • There's never enough time
  • There's never enough time for you!

If you can relate even one of these problems then a distance Reiki session may be just what you need.

“I had what I can only describe as 3 awesome and unexpected sessions with Ros. Initially I was not entirely convinced by Reiki and what it could do for me but by the third session, I was hooked. The blocks it helped me smash through and the results I have had since are far beyond what I was expecting. I was having some issues with taking myself and my business to the next level, I wasn’t sure what or how I could break through the head trash that was getting in my way and then along came Ros. Not only have I become so clear about where I want to go with both areas, I am actually achieving the results I have been wanting for years. I now know where I am heading personally and professionally thanks to Ros. Ros even picked up on another energy (a dog) being around me and I was house sitting for a friend of mine with a dog! Amazing stuff. Highly recommend if you are even slightly curious, to give this a go. You will not regret it.

Danielle Wicks
A whole lotta health, simplified -

I was a bit skeptical on how distance reiki would work, but I decided to trust the process. Ros was amazing, she was calm and confident and was able to get an insight into my self and soul. Everything she said confirmed to me what exactly I needed to hear and the sessions were the thing I needed to do to start listening to the messages. I definitely feel lighter and more energetic since the sessions.
I have felt very positive and happy since receiving my distance reiki which has inspired me to nurture myself in other ways as well which has been a great way to end the year.

Sugandha Bhargava
Women' Leadership and Wellness Coach -

What Exactly Is Reiki?

Reiki is a form of energy healing.

        Rei -  means God's wisdom, or Universal wisdom, or the wisdom of                               whoever/whatever you believe runs this show

        Ki -  means life force

       Reiki means The energy of the Universe

But what is it?

Reiki is an energy that works to balance your energy at a cellular level - recalibrating & aligning where imbalance exists

And we (you and I) don't have to be in each others presence to get this energy to do it's thing!

No, we can be in different suburbs, different cities, different countries & it will still work beautifully.

Now I come from a corporate background.  And I like to know why things work and how they work - it's the way I'm wired.  But I have come to realise that there are forces at play much bigger than we are, forces that nobody, not even the smartest quantum scientists among us really fully understand - but even they are prepared to admit that these forces exist.

Distance Reiki works on the principal that a connection is established between the Reiki channel (me) and the receiver (you) to facilitate the treatment process.  It works on quantum principals - that we are all made of energy and are part of everything and so we are all connected.  You just need to be open to receiving the energy.

working with Ros has been a blessing over the past month. She is very assertive and everything she says in the sessions makes sense to me. She has helped me to connect within and be aware of what my true self needs at each point in time. And she has giving me easy practical suggestions to balance my chakras. It has been amazing to see how little actions have a profound difference in clearing energy blockages. Even my hubby has commented that I look more relaxed since I started my reiki sessions

Paola Espinel 
Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach for Busy Mamas

So what's involved?

All I need from you is a a photo.  Within 3 working days (usually less) of receiving your payment, photo and your completed quick to fill out intake form, I channel Reiki energy to you.  You don't even have to know when I channel the energy.  It will come to you at the best time for you.  The session usually takes around 45 minutes*. Energy is channeled to each of your 7 earth chakra energy centres & your legs, arms & back.  

Once the channeling is complete, I record my notes for you & send you a link to an audio file containing information from the session together with tips to help make the most of the healing energies.

This recorded information, while wonderful to have, is only an adjunct to the actual healing that takes place during the session and the re-calibration and integration that takes place after the healing.  You are also invited to lie down, relax and "call in the healing" afterward at your leisure (I explain how to do this simple thing) but the healing will still work whether you choose to do this or not.

I offer single sessions or a 3 session package.  While a single healing session can be very (and I mean very) effective, I especially love offering my 3 session packages as the results are cumulative and amazing things can happen over the course of the 3 weeks it takes to channel these sessions.

And what can a distance Reiki session do for you?

A distance Reiki session can offer you

  • ​More clarity & focus  
  • The ability to receive more abundance in your life  
  • Clearing of blockages with money, love and success 
  • Increased creativity & inspiration  
  • Enthusiasm for life
  • Feelings of calm & peacefulness
  • Balance & lightness
  • Confidence & self assuredness
  • Grounding
  • More joy, joie de vivre, delight
  • Release of old hurts

My clients have also reported experiencing:

  • ​Getting unstuck  
  • Attracting the right people into their businesses and lives  
  • Attracting amazing clients
  • Finding what brings them joy at last
  • An up leveling in business performance
  • Increased energy levels
  • Improved positivity
  • Improved happiness
  • More life balance
  • A more relaxed state
  • Assistance with their bodies natural healing processes

A distance Reiki session can also help support you before an important event - like a presentation, a review, an exam or preparing a submission or tender.  It can help pull you back into balance afterwards too.

And this gentle healing energy can work wonders for children too.  Just email me for more details on Reiki for kids

When I receive your Paypal payment notification, I will send an email (to your Paypal email address) asking for a recent photo and including a quick intake form for you to complete​.  Once I have both these items, Your reiki session will take place within 3 working days.

I offer two options.  You can book one session or a series of 3 sessions.  I often find that it takes more than one session to get the full benefits of this amazing healing, however you will get great results from a single session. The series of 3 sessions takes place over 3 consecutive weeks.  If you decide to book subsequent triple sessions after your first series is complete, they can take place at further intervals than a week if you choose.

Frequently asked questions:

How on earth does this distance Reiki work when we are not even in the same room together?

Distance Reiki works when the practitioner has been attuned to symbols that allow the Reiki to flow across space and time.  When one of these symbols in particular is invoked, Reiki is able to be used to send energy remotely.  

Is Reiki a religion?

No not at all.  Reiki is an energy​.  It is certainly spiritual but it doesn't have a religion.  It works across all beliefs.

You say your sessions last for 45 minutes?

*Yes, I work for at least 45 minutes but sometimes I feel the need to work longer.  It really doesn't matter as long as the Reiki is channeled to where it needs to go.  Sometimes its a bit slower or there is more work to do.

Are you a member of any Reiki Association?

Yes I am a member (practitioner category) of Australian Reiki Connection - the leading Reiki Association in Australia​

Do you practice Reiki on yourself?

I'm so glad you asked this question.  It's very important that a Reiki practitioner practices Reiki self care on themselves. I make a point of regularly doing this not only for myself but to ensure that my clients get the best of me.​

Isn't Reiki just for people who are mystical and magical and into unicorns and purple velvet?

Well firstly, no. Reiki is for everyone and I am the least mystical, magical person you'll ever meet (although we are all a quite magical deep down!).  I do happen to love the idea of unicorns but I am more into purple microfibre than purple velvet - much easier to clean greasy little hand marks off.

Can I purchase a gift certificate?

Yes, all you need do is make the purchase and when I send you the intake form, let me know it's a gift for someone else.  I'll send you back an email that you can forward to the 'giftee' at your leisure.

I have a particular ailment that bothers me.  Are you able to work on specific areas of my body?

Yes.  Once I have received your booking, I will send you a brief intake form where you will have the opportunity to let me know of any specifics you would like me to work on.  You can tell me a lot or a little; it's up to you but if you have any specific ailments or concerns that you would like an extra surge of energy channeled too, you can let me know.

I still have questions.  Can I contact you directly to ask?

I'd love to hear from you.  Please email me at and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

And just a little extra  from The Australian Reiki Connection website

"Ongoing research is showing that the system of Reiki plays an important part in improving, among other benefits, the quality of life for those with life limiting illness, reduction of pain, reduction of side effects of Chemotherapy, reduction of stress and anxiety.

For this reason in many countries, including Australia, the system of Reiki, as a complementary therapy, is currently being provided in many Hospitals, Nursing Homes, Palliative Care Hospices, and Community Service Settings. Reiki organisations such as ARC are playing an important role in bringing about the integration of the system of Reiki into mainstream Healthcare."    Australian Reiki Connection Website.